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Have you always wanted to be an author or establish yourself as an expert, but just don't know where to start? Lady Boss Enterprise specializes in helping you grow your audience and in getting you that recognized credit that you deserve. Join us in our next co-authored book of the Lady Boss Chronicles.
Some Benefits of Being a Published Author
  • Promoted: We promote you as an author across all of our social media and within our platform.
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  • Quality Fan Base: Grow your audience and attract the right followers.
  • Speaking Engagement Opportunities: A book places you in a highly respected position where you have the ability to effect change.
  • PR and Media Coverage: The media is always seeking comments from experts and having a book makes you a reliable source.
  • ​Increase You Clientele: Prospective clients are attracted to a solid reputation, expertise and value.
  • ​Brand Enhancement: A published book adds to your business or personal brand.
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Who is lady boss enterprise
We are an exclusive membership platform for female entrepreneurs where your struggles are understood and your time is saved. Here, members can explore profitable lifestyle business opportunities, learn from our insider community, or deep dive into our training center for maximum success. Best of all LBE opens up avenues to meet people from other countries and to get your products or services to a larger audience.
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"This network has helped me make 3x what I was doing at my day job.. THANKS!"
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"Lady Boss Enterprise has given me the power to take control of my future and has allowed me a space for growth and encouragement."
Jasmine Rose Rabenalas
"Meditation, Organization, Money Making Oh My. Mind Blown!"
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  • Promoted: We promote you as an author across all of our social media and within our platform.
  • Featured On Our Highly Trafficked Site: You'll get your bio and picture featured in our blog
  • ​5 Page Spread: Here we ask 5 questions that will feature you as an expert in your field. 
  • Featured Bio: Your bio page in the book will establish your authority
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  • Featured Business Information: In your five page spread you get to list your business and contact information.
  • ​Author Credit: We make sure all of our co-authors get credited as an author to establish authority.

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